• Corporate and commercial

    Corporate and commercial

    The firm assists clients with respect to all types of business activities in Bahrain, including planning, negotiation, and establishment of business entities and daily operation businesses and company formation including drafting corporate constitutive document and registration of commercial agencies.

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    The firm assists clients with respect to the purchase, sales, leasing, development, construction and management of commercial real estate, from small business acquisition to major office building and transaction, both domestic and offshore, through every stage of acquisition and sale, including structuring of a transaction, contract negotiation, due diligence, title, escrow and closing.

  • Litigation and Arbitration

    Litigation and Arbitration

    The firm’s litigation group serves as a council to both the plaintiff and defendant in many cases involving local and foreign entities.  The firm also handles all kinds of disputes.  The firm is associated with the Commercial Gulf Arbitration Center through which arbitration issues are handled in competence.

  • Governmental Relation

    Governmental Relation

    (All disputes in relation with governmental ministries):

    The firm handles all disputes in relation to the local governmental ministries.

  • Employment and Labour

    Employment and Labour

    The firm handles all types of employment and labour matters from employment to termination in relation to individual employees and union

  • Banking And Finance

    Banking And Finance

    Advising banks and financial Institutions, and firms in various financial transaction

  • Human Rights

    Human Rights

    The firm deal with human rights cases and first firm who raised human rights litigations in Bahrain

  • Marine and Shipping

    Marine and Shipping

    The firm handles all litigation and claims to marine and shipping.

  • Criminal disputes

    Criminal disputes

    Our firm is known for handling all sort of criminal Disputes which involves our attendance in front of the public prosecutor office and different police stations, attendance in the criminal courts on all degrees, first instance, appeal and court of cassation.

    Our firm is involved in the human rights disputes in the fields of labour, human trafficking … etc

    Our firm handled most of the compensation cases related to the human rights disputes during the political unrest in Bahrain.

  • Intellectual Property, Telecommunication, Multimedia, Entertainment, and broadcasting

    Intellectual Property, Telecommunication, Multimedia, Entertainment, and broadcasting

    The firm handles intellectual property, telecommunication, multimedia, entertainment, and broadcasting matters that include:

    1. Preparing and processing application for trade marks, service marks, utility models, and design

    2. 7Licensing of intellectual property rights

    3. Copyright protection for computer software publication, music, audio-video, and movies

    4. Handling opposition, trials the, and appeals before the Bahrain Intellectual Property office and appeals before the Supreme Court

    5. Preventing and enjoining infringements, including litigation at all levels of the Bahrain judicial system.